Classic ASP.NET, .NET MVC, .NET Core, C#, VB.NET, Umbraco, Vendr, Kentico, Entity Framework, Dependency Injection, Database Design, MSSQL, MySQL, HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, Google Maps API, Azure, Source Control, GIT, Xamarin Forms, Swift/Swift UI, Storyboards, Python, Shopify.


Full Stack .NET Developer, FatMedia, Lancaster June 2015 – September 2019

During my time at FatMedia, I was part of a team called ‘Flexible Resources’. In this team, we dealt with reactive clients who constantly requested updates and fixes. These ranged from legacy clients on Classic ASP.NET to inherited websites and newer clients running on Umbraco, as well as bespoke MVC websites and Kentico.

As well as reactive clients, I was also assigned brand new projects, developing them from the ground up. This included planning the build and developing it in an agile way. This also meant working as a team with the front enders so that integrating statics was a breeze.

With Umbraco, I’ve done plenty of unique components. This includes a custom section to manage bookings and vouchers which are processed in an external booking engine (Synxis). Converting a single site in Umbraco to a multi-site and multi-lingual site with all of its data being retained by converting all of the property data into Vorto property data as per the client’s specific requirements. This also meant extending Modelsbuilder to generate strongly typed Vorto properties, using reflection, so that I and the other developers who were to pick up the project could continue using strongly typed models. As well as creating property editors which would range from a custom media picker that pulls images from Bynder to something as simple as integrating Google Maps API for the user to look up addresses.

.NET Developer, CTI Digital, Manchester September 2019 - December 2019

Similar to the work at FatMedia, at CTI Digital I’ve been assigned a similar role working with reactive clients as well as picking up project work when scheduled in. In the few months at CTI Digital, I’ve got up to speed with Azure and Bamboo. From putting sites live using a combination of the two to setting up CDN Endpoints that can be cleared from the Umbraco site utilising event handlers.

Full Stack .NET Developer, Agidea, Manchester December 2019 - September 2020

At Agidea, I’ve been assigned a similar role to my previous ones where I am primarily developing in Umbraco. With the exception of also doing a lot more front end work. At Agidea, I’m learning a new cloud hosting technology, AWS. I’ve completed various off site courses about AWS. Therefore, it can be applied into my work.

Following on from this, I have also been the primary app developer which involves creating end to end applications for clients at the highest standards. Recently I’ve developed a commercial cross-platform app (Android & iOS) using Xamarin Forms. This utilises SignalR to retrieve and push data. It also uses other services such as push notifications and restful API’s.

Full Stack .NET Developer, Mosquito Digital, Manchester September 2020 - Current

Throughout all of these roles, I have presented various pieces of work to the client and demonstrated in-depth knowledge and creatively integrated the clients’ requirements into high-quality work.


Central Lancaster Highschool – Lancaster

  • Core Science - B

  • Additional Science - B

  • English - C

  • Mathematics - C

  • Catering - C

  • ICT Skills For Business - Merit

  • Technological Innovation and E-Commerce - Merit

  • Creating Computer Graphics - C

  • Geography - C

  • Citizenship – C

  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze & Silver Award

Further Education

  • Level 3 Diploma for ICT Systems and Principles for IT professionals

  • (Level 4) Higher Level Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professionals

Hobbies & Interests

In my spare time, when I’m not at the gym or socialising with friends, I’m keeping up with the latest in web development or app development trends. By creating software to test my capabilities and develop my skills that I generally wouldn’t cover during my day to day work. I’ve recently gained a huge interest in iOS app development. And so have been spending a lot of time studying Swift UI and developing apps.

Current Projects

Umbraco - Responsive Image Picker

One of my first commercial packages that I have recently released is my Umbraco Responsive Image Picker. A breakdown of why I created it and what it does can be seen here.

Umbraco (Vendr) - Stock Notifier

A useful extension to Vendr where the customer can signup for stock alerts which will be fully customisable. More to come on this soon.

Umbraco & Mobile App - E-Commerce

A quite big project I have (which will be open sourced) is hooking up an Umbraco e-commerce store to an e-commerce mobile app, using Vendr and using Umbraco HeadRest to expose the content & products to the mobile app.

Shopify - SEO App

This will be a SaaS built on .NET Core, it works in a multi-tenancy environment where a user will have their own database (inaccessible to the user) however it will all be automatic behind the scenes. More to come on this soon.

iOS - Habit App

Yet again another habit app, this isn't going to be a product that I expect to earn money on. It will cost nothing for me to upkeep, and more of a challenge for myself. As with most of the projects I do, I never seem to find the need to publish them. However, I think it's time for that to change as there's a lot of cool stuff I've done that's never really been made open source/published.

I have done a couple of commercial apps in the past, the most recent one is a cross-platform app, you can see it here. The app itself can only be accessed by Springboard customers, the app had to be scalable as it had hundreds of concurrent users.